Saturday, June 3, 2017

Reminder! Free Saturday Screening Today at CAMERA

Saturday June 3rd, 3:00pm

Dir. Robert Lepage (Canada: 1998), 85 min.

In October 1970, Montreal actress Sophie appears in a Feydeau farce at the Osaka World's Fair. Back in Montreal, her boyfriend Michel watches the October Crisis on TV and sees Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau declare the War Measures Act. The Canadian Army patrols Montreal streets. Michel is immersed in politics, while Sophie rejects the amorous advances of her co-star, becomes friendly with a blind translator, and passes an evening with frivolous Canadian embassy official Walter and his wife Patricia. Meanwhile, in Montreal, Michael plots terrorist activities.


Stephen Bulger Gallery has purchased a license agreement with Criterion films which enables us to program films that we relate to our current exhibitions, which we offer as free public screenings every Saturday at 3pm.

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