Friday, March 27, 2009

Larry Towell & Susan Meiselas Shortlisted for 2009 And/Or Photography Book Award!

The two shortlists are announced for the 2009 And/or Book Awards, the UK’s leading prizes for books published in the fields of photography and the moving image. A winner from each category will share a prize fund of £10,000. They will be announced during an awards ceremony at the BFI Southbank, London, on Thursday 23 April.

Over 150 titles were submitted across the two categories for the awards, which have been narrowed down to a final seven books by the two judging panels chaired by Martin Parr (Photography) and Mike Dibb (Moving Image). The judges were looking for works which make a significant contribution to the understanding of photography and/or the moving image and which use photographs as more than a means of illustration.

Shortlisted titles for the 2009 And/or Photography Book Award:

The World from my Front Porch, Larry Towell

An album featuring the best of 20 years of awardwinning Magnum member Larry Towell’s photographs of family life in rural Ontario. Towell’s idyllic and beautiful photo-essay is accompanied by an extensive autobiographical text illustrated with over 160 photographs, objects and songs chosen by Towell. These are presented in an extended introduction and afterword to the book, exploring the history of his front porch (Larry’s house was built by the man who first carved Ontario into farm units) and his journeys from the security of his home and family into the war zones of the world.Together they make a poetic and moving statement about land and belonging, the central theme of Towell’s work. The book is designed in the manner of an Edwardian album.

Susan Meiselas: In History, Susan Meiselas

Since the 1970s, questions of ethics raised by documentary practice have been central to debates in photography. Perhaps no other photographer has so closely and consistently represented and participated in these debates than Susan Meiselas.An American photographer best known for her work covering the political upheavals inCentral America in the 1970s and ’80s, Meiselas’s process has evolved in radical andchallenging ways as she has grappled with pivotal questions about her relationship to her subjects, the use and circulation of her images in the media, and the relationship of images to history and memory. Her insistent engagement with these concerns has positioned her as a
leading voice in the debate on contemporary documentary practice.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stephen Bulger Gallery is pleased to announce EXPOSED: Double Exposure 2009!

You are invited to be part of the biggest moment in the history of our signature fundraising event!

When Tickets
April 23, 2009 $50
Doors at 6:30 pm
or 1.888.222.6608

Where Event Website
Palais Royale Ballroom
1601 Lakeshore Blvd, West

Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine as you enter. Explore the beautifully restored venue, as 7 Chilean wineries offer a tasting experience unlike any other. Bid on any one of the contemporary and vintage photographs or bottles of fine wine contributed to our auction. And following the live auction take in the fiery vocals of Tyler Yarema as we celebrate our achievement.

Help make meaningful programs possible for people recovering from mental illness and homelessness. Donations can be made online through Canada Helps by visting or All donations made to Double Exposure by April 15 will be recognized in the evening’s program. In addition, all donations over $500 will be recognized on the venue’s video screens at the event.

Donation can also be received by mail at:

805 Bloor St West, Toronto, M6G 1L8.

(Please make all ticket purchases online or by phone at 1.888.222.6608.)

For more information:
Contact Tina at Houselink, 416-539-0690 ext 229 or

AIPAD Photography Show

Last Night was the sucessful opening for the AIPAD Photography Show: New York 2009.

There was an amazing turn out with great support to benefit the John Szarkowski Fund, an endowment for photography acquisitions at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The gallery was reviewed on the A Sky filled with Shooting Stars.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


March 28, 2009

3:00 PM


Dir. John Ford (USA, 1939) 96 mins

Stagecoach is a 1939 western film directed by John Ford, starring Claire Trevor and John Wayne in his breakthrough role. The film follows a group of strangers riding on a stagecoach through dangerous Apache territory. Although Ford had made many silent films in the Western genre prior to Stagecoach, this was his first with sound. It was also the first of many films which Ford made on location in Monument Valley, in the American southwest on the Arizona-Utah border, many of which also starred John Wayne.

Camera is located at 1028 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416-530-0011;

Friday, March 20, 2009

The AIPAD Photography Show New York

We are really pleased to be taking part in one of the most important international photography events, The AIPAD Photography Show New York, next week. Presented by the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) from March 26-29, 2009 at the Park Avenue Armory.

This Art Fair will include more than 70 of the world's leading fine art photography galleries who will be presenting a wide range of photobased works by contemporary, modern and 19th century masters.

New this year is an "exhibition with in an exhibition" To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the association, AIPAD has chosen the theme "Innovation". This year each gallery will be featuring a single work ranging from daguerreotype to new media. These works will reflects an innovation - such as a artistic or technical development or a seminal work - in the history of photography.

As a sneak peak here is a still from the Jonathan Plante video piece which we will be featuring in our booth!

Jonathan Plante
Mobile d'exposition, chronotape, 2008
Stop-motion animation made of 63 collages of transparent tape on paper (color, silent), loop (00:18 min)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


March 21st, 2009

3:00 PM

Dir. Paul Mazursky (USA, 1974) 95 mins.

Harry is a retired teacher in his 70s living in the Upper West Side of New York City where his lived all his life. When his apartment building is torn down to make way for a parking garage, Harry and his beloved cat, Tonto, begin a journey across the United States to visit family and friends and to see a world he never seemed to have the time to see before.

Camera is located at 1028 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416-530-0011;

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Phil Bergerson Opening

Phil and Gary Hall from Gallery TPW

Geoffrey James

Maia Sutnik, Curator Photographs AGO, Beth Kapusta and Steven Evans

Sabrina & Marci recent Ryerson Alumni

Thursday, March 12, 2009


March 14, 2009

3:00 PM

Dir. Dennis Hopper (USA, 1969) 95 mins.

Easy Rider follows two bikers, Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper), as they travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Their trip takes them through limitless, untouched landscapes, various towns, a hippie commune, and a graveyard, but also through areas where local residents are increasingly narrow-minded and hateful of their long-haired freedom and use of drugs.

Camera is located at 1028 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416-530-0011;

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Phil Bergerson

Sublime Encounters

March 14 – April 18, 2009

We are pleased to announce our fifth exhibition by Canadian Phil Bergerson featuring his most recent work “Sublime Encounters”.

Spanning the last fifteen years, Phil Bergerson has traveled extensively across the United States, photographing cities both small and large. His last series, “Shards of America,” was an ironic commentary on the culture of the United States. It harnessed the best of documentary traditions, interweaving a selection of powerful themes to present a critical examination of America’s rich social landscape. In his most recent body of work, “Sublime Encounters,” Bergerson continues his investigations of cultural detritus of everyday life but with a more poetic approach. He is interested in exploring the complexities of what it is to be human with less emphasis on the American experience.

Bergerson’s photographs are poignant records of the beauty of ‘organic’ installations, small moments created through a mixture of human intent, nature’s intervention, time and his own curiosity. The photographs document that which people consciously and unconsciously leave behind - that which speaks about them as individuals. Often the residue of these elements is so subtle that detection is difficult. “Sublime Encounters” refers to the awe inspiring moments of recognition that a photographer experiences when contemplating sets of relationships that suddenly becomes deeply and clearly “seen”. Bergerson’s images transcend the viewer’s vision of our urban landscape by presenting us with an original perspective that is consistently moving and entirely unforgettable.

Bergerson has photographed for over 30 years. His work has been exhibited internationally and is found in many prestigious collections, including the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa. His photographs have been published in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Toronto Life and Walrus Magazine, and his book, Shards of America, was published in September 2004. From 1975 to 2007, Bergerson was a professor of photography at Ryerson University in Toronto where, amongst other community initiatives, he established and organized the annual international "Kodak Lecture Series" on photography.


3:00 PM

March 14th
Dir. Dennis Hopper (USA, 1969) 95 mins

March 21st
Dir. Paul Mazursky (USA, 1974) 115 mins

March 28th
Dir. John Ford (USA, 1939) 96 mins

April 4th
Dir. Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris (USA, 2006) 101 mins

April 11th
Dir. Arthur Penn (USA, 1967) 112 mins

April 18th


Dir. Dennis Hopper (USA, 1969) 95 mins

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities

On Wednesday I flew to New York for a full day. A delayed flight negated my plans to have lunch with Steve Kasher – although he did buy me a sandwich which I gobbled while looking at his exhibition of work by Christina Kruse and getting a preview of his new venture where he will be dealing in rare books and photographic collectables. This is now an even better destination for those wanting to browse and collect.

I left Steve’s to see Mark Ruwedel’s exhibition at Yossi Milo’s. It is simply wonderful exhibition of his WESTWARD series, which is the subject of the book that has received such wide acclaim.

I then headed up to the Armory Show for its opening and walked through the show with Robert Gurbo, curator of the André Kertész Estate. The quality of the work on display as well as the manner in which it was installed made it a terrific edition of this event, but I did not like the way the two piers were divided between “contemporary” and “contemporary & modern”. The standouts for me were cut outs by Kara Walker as well as certain photographs in the booths of Howard Greenberg Gallery (especially a really large print from Bruce Davidson’s East 100th Street); Laurence Miller Gallery (Ray K. Metzker); and Robert Koch Gallery (Dritikol). I was also very happy to see that Julie Saul’s booth had samples of her recent summer show: “When Color Was New: vintage photographs from around the 1970’s”. She introduced me to the fascinating collages of Elaine Lustig Cohen. Considering all of the “gloom about the end of the financial world” it was a fun and energetic opening, but unfortunately my flight back was not delayed, so I needed to leave the show at 7pm to catch my flight home.

I was a little tired the next day, but felt obligated to pop in at the fundraiser for CONTACT at The Burroughes Building. It was a new initiative for the festival and considering I could walk there I found it hard to find a really good excuse to miss the party. The place was simply rocking and I am very happy I went. Although I thought the Armory’s party was better than I expected, it could simply not match the amount of FUN that everybody was having at the CONTACT event. Someone I was talking with said that it was the first real party (hats off to the committee behind this, as well as the musicians) of the spring and they thought it made perfect sense for CONTACT to have hosted this event because the festival has become such a fixture every May. If last night was any indication, this year’s festival is not to be missed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New York City Trip

Here is my first attempt at blogging, so please forgive any breaches of protocol etc.

Last weekend, my wife and I went to New York for the David Byrne concert at Radio City Music Hall. We really enjoyed his show in Toronto at Massey Hall, so I could not resist buying tickets to see him in NY – especially because we had yet to see anything in this venue.

Catherine went a day earlier to do research for her company and we met early Friday afternoon at the collection of Stanley Burns. Years ago, when I was getting some photographs from him for my group exhibition called SUTURE, I discovered that we each collected wedding photographs with our respective wives. Although we thought we were there strictly for research, it ends up that they have recently divorced and thought it appropriate to sell some of their collection to us. We picked up a number of fascinating additions for our collection, including a wonderfully hand-painted 8”x10” of a WWII serviceman with his bride.

I then headed up to Edwynn Houk’s gallery to see his Elliot Erwitt show and to talk with him about an upcoming book project that we are planning.

After this, Catherine and I went to see Laurence Miller Gallery’s 25th anniversary show – which was a great treat! We then met up with Larry and his wife, Lorraine, to see the concert. It was a homecoming, of sorts, for David and we thought he was just great. The audience was very enthustiastic and the band really rose to the occasion (especially with their encore performance of ‘Burning Down the House’ wearing white tutus, accompanied with 30 dancers!).

The next morning we were able to get some gifts for our daughters at FAO Schwartz and make the 1pm flight back home.