Thursday, February 2, 2017

Viktor Kolář's Current Exhibition “Canada, 1968-1973” Featured in Toronto Life Online

Jennifer Cheng of Toronto Life speaks with Stephen Bulger about ten fascinating Viktor Kolář photographs of Toronto in the 1970s currently on display at the gallery.

Toronto, 1970 © Viktor Kolář / Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery
“This photo is a great memorial to Honest Ed’s. Viktor captured the overwhelming feeling of disorientation in the store. My best memory there was my last visit during their sign sale. I had planned to spend about an hour in there, but the three hand-drawn posters I bought for $9 ended up costing me eight hours. I remember standing in the very spot that these people were shot. You would reach a corner, get your hopes up thinking it’s almost your turn to cash out, only to realize that there’s another section of lines. But you are in too deep and you can’t leave. Honest Ed’s holds you captive in that way.” - Stephen Bulger 

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