Friday, November 25, 2016

Upcoming Panels Including Gallery Artist Sunil Gupta in London, United Kingdom

Mehrauli, Delhi / Jeffrey Road, London, 2003 © Sunil Gupta /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery
Decolonial Politics Today?
Wednesday November 30, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Rivington Place
London, UK

How do notions of the ‘decolonial' continue to challenge the violence of colonial pasts and present? A contested term within the visual arts and wider cultural debates, this event reflects on the current status of 'decolonial' activity in the visual arts, and explores what kind of politics are being produced.

This discussion will ask probing questions about what we mean by the decolonial and what we aspire to produce through such work. What would decolonized public spaces and institutions look like? How might this reject simple narratives of inclusion?

Is current decolonial activity fulfilling a disruptive political and intellectual agenda? And who has the right to speak and act on behalf of a decolonial politics?

The panel will include Alanna Lockward and Sunil Gupta, chaired by Autograph ABP Director Mark Sealy.

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Transnationalism in Practice: Strategies of Affect
Wednesday December 7, 3:00 - 5:00pm
Manton Studio, Tate Britain
London, UK

This seminar examines two approaches to transnational artistic and curatorial production in London, and will invite Sunil Gupta and Grant Watson to revisit key projects with an emphasis on research and practice in South Asia.

Leela Gandhi’s book Affective Communities (2006) recuperated micro-narratives, moments of anti-imperial resistance and political strategies that created a shared solidarity between queer and postcolonial communities. As curators negotiate unprecedented access to international art, this seminar will reconsider recent exhibition histories through alternative curatorial models that deploy international networks of shared knowledge, radical practice, resistance or refusal.

This discussion is informed by the Bhupen Khakhar retrospective at Tate Modern that closed in November, and precedes Queer British Art at Tate Britain next April. Following the presentations, the panel will be chaired by Nada Raza, the Research Curator at Tate Research Centre: Asia and the curator of the Bhupen Khakhar exhibition.

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