Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Detailed Look at "PhotoLab 1: Window as Metaphor in PhotoLab's Inaugural" Exhibition Currently on Display at The National Gallery of Canada

Martinsville, Indiana, 2006 © Phil Bergerson /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Featuring the work of gallery artist Phil Bergerson, the National Gallery of Canada's "Magazine" reviews PhotoLab 1: Window as Metaphor in PhotoLab's Inaugural an exhibition that examines artists' fascination with windows for centuries:

"In photography, the transparency and reflectivity of glass as both a subject and symbol have made windows a particularly popular theme. Since the invention of the medium, photographers have been attracted to the subject, whether as an exploration of still life, portraiture, popular culture or even abstraction. With their ability to both reveal and obscure, to challenge ideas about the viewer and the viewed, or to dissolve the boundaries of inside and outside space, windows have been used as a metaphor for the act of looking itself."

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