Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gallery Artist Shoshannah White in Group Exhibtion at Able Baker Contemporary, Portland Maine

Blackstone Glacier Ice, 2016 © Shoshannah White /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Mapping Extremes
October 14 - November 26 2016

"Artists Sage Lewis and Shoshannah White work with imagery from opposite ends of climatic extremes--Lewis's work stemming from images she gathered in the deserts of Qatar, White's from the rapidly-degenerating Arctic Circle, which she visited by boat with her camera. ...Cartographer Christian MilNeil reverses this non-narrative optical approach with specifically designed visual information addressing global and local environmental issues."

For more information please visit: www.ablebakercontemporary.com

Shoshannah White's artist page: www.bulgergallery.com

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