Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ARTORONTO.CA Reviews Clive Holden's Current Exhibition INTERNET MOUNTAINS

INTERNET MOUNTAINS 21, Variant 2, 2016 © Clive Holden /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Nika Teper of ARTORONTO.CA reviews Clive Holden's current exhibition INTERNET MOUNTAINS on display until Saturday October 15th. 

"Referencing the fervor of early cinematic experimentation and adapting to new technological possibilities, Holden’s artistic constructions blend nostalgia and futurism in what he defines as a “post” cinematic experience of vigorous creativity. His process of manipulating and overlaying sourced internet mountain images with abstract pseudo natural-digital dream forms, introduces an interesting narrative about intersection of place, time and people. The desaturated, tinted mountain images evoke heaviness and permanence while the bold, translucent sunspots and orbs implicate the work with ideas of motion and transience." Nika Teper, October 2016

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