Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Upcoming Exhibition - Clive Holden: INTERNET MOUNTAINS

The gallery is pleased to present our second solo exhibition by Canadian artist Clive Holden.



Exhibition Dates
: September 17 – October 15, 2016
Online Preview:
beginning September 10 at ffotoimage.com
Reception for the Artist
: Saturday, September 17, 2-5pm

“INTERNET MOUNTAINS” is a manifestation of Holden’s interest in the mechanics of time and perception. Although these video and photo-based compositions are computer-rendered and manipulated, they fit – uncomfortably but recognizably – within the long tradition of landscape photography.

INTERNET MOUNTAINS 32, Variant 3, 2016 © Clive Holden
Holden’s compositions explore concepts of scale, the relationships suggested by the implied permanence and impermanence of our world, the delivery of information, and the transformative effects of time on memory and geography. As such, Holden’s work invites viewers to engage with his art in an instinctual way:

INTERNET MOUNTAINS 21, Variant2, 2016 © Clive Holden
“Traditionally, in a museum or in a home, the audience’s physical engagement with a work of art is assumed; they can stand, sit, fidget or walk away. I’m interested in making work that’s on the cusp of time-based and non-time-based, or that obliterates this dichotomy. I think of it all now as ‘post-durational’; the constraint of a fixed duration is abandoned in favour of a quality of liveness – of embracing chance and accommodating our impulsive nature as human beings."

INTERNET MOUNTAINS 18, 2014 © Clive Holden

Growing up in British Columbia, Holden found early inspiration in the mountains and shorelines around his home, documenting the vistas he encountered. Rediscovered footage, filmed by the artist as an adolescent, coupled with inspiration from ubiquitous online alpine photography informs this ongoing body of work.

INTERNET MOUNTAINS, Video 5 (Still Frame), 2016 © Clive Holden

Holden’s software-based generative artworks, chromogenic prints, videos and films have been exhibited at: transmediale (Berlin), the Gardiner Museum/CONTACT Festival (Toronto), the Foreman Art Gallery of Bishops University (Sherbrooke), Images Festival (Toronto), the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, the Ryerson Image Centre (Toronto), the European Media Art Festival (Osnabrück), CPH:DOX Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival/Danish Film Institute (winner of the New Vision Award), Anthology Film Archives (New York), Kino Arsenal (Berlin), the Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam), Light Industry (Brooklyn), the London International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, the Pacific Cinematheque (Vancouver), and the Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México (Mexico City). 

ONLINE PREVIEW: One week prior to Holden’s opening, we’re letting our contacts know that selections from his upcoming exhibition can be viewed, and purchased, at FFOTOIMAGE.com. This new and innovative form of exhibition preview will begin at 11:00 am on Saturday, September 10.

FFOTOIMAGE.com is dedicated to connecting collectors around the world with prestigious photo-based art from our gallery, as well as works from our partner galleries and established independent artists.

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FREE Saturday Afternoon Screenings
3:00 PM

Join us on Saturday afternoons for a series of films selected by our featured artist: Clive Holden 

Dir. Ridley Scott (USA: 1982), 114 min.


Dir. Corinna Belz (Germany: 2011), 97 min.


Dir. Marleen Gorris (USA: 1995), 103 min.


Dir. Steven Soderbergh (USA: 1999), 90 min.

Dir. Christopher Nolan (USA: 2014), 169 min.

Only films in languages other than English will be shown with subtitles. If you require subtitles for English language films we can accommodate a special screening the same day at noon provided we receive 48 hours’ notice.

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