Friday, September 16, 2016

Murray Whyte of the Toronto Star Reviews In/Future and Max Dean's "Still" Exhibition

Still, one of Max Dean's installations for In/Future festival - photo by Nick Kozak
Still: Max Dean

"Dean, a Governor General’s Award-winning artist and a long-time fixture on the Toronto art scene, first gained access to Ontario Place last December, where he found the neglected innards of the park’s old Wilderness Adventure ride in disrepair. Faced with decrepit animatronic miners and moose, Dean hit upon a buyable fiction: abandoned by the crowds and the park’s masters both, the old mannequins decide to fix themselves up and adopt the abandoned grounds as their own. Tugging at the park’s artificiality, built to reveal some kind of Canadiana myth, has proven fertile territory for the artist; as the park crumbles, an outdated relic of a past time, the myth it perpetuated crumbles along with it." - Murray Whyte, Sept 14, 2016

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