Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gallery Artist Scott Conarroe in Upcoming Group Installation

Chaltwasser Gletscher, Switzerland, 2014 © Scott Conarroe / 
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Project Pressure is a charity documenting the world’s vanishing glaciers, collaborating with world-renowned artists to create work that will inspire action and participation. The project’s purpose is to launch the world’s first comprehensive crowd- sourced glacier atlas hosted on an open source digital platform (MELT), a touring photographic exhibition, a documentary film and a book publication.

Project Pressure benefits educational, cultural and science sectors, and will continue to do so for generations to come. The ongoing mission is to document and publicise the world’s vanishing and receding glaciers, to depict firsthand the environmental impact of climate change and create useful data for scientific use.

Project Pressure, with the generous backing of The Lighthouse Foundation, is displaying some of its photographic archive on an outdoor installation in Schleimünde Pilot Island, Germany. A selection of highlights from contributors so far, including Simon Norfolk, Corey Arnold and Mariele Neudecker, will adorn boards close one of the Foundation’s buildings. The installation opens on 16th July, with a free talk by charity director Klaus Thymann.

On Thursday Scott Conarroe’s photographic series of the European Alps; Frontiere, Frontiera, Grenze will open as part of an exhibition that pairs it alongside the glacial photography of Vittorio Sella. This ongoing project is an exploration of the shifting borders of the Alp nations that move as the glaciers recede. Conarroe has repeatedly visited these regions in order to develop an archival timeline that depicts these transient landscapes. 

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