Friday, May 6, 2016

Globe and Mail Selects Joel Meyerowitz "Survey" Exhibition as One of the Hottest Things to do in Toronto Next Week

Ballston Beach, Truro, Massachusetts, 1977 © Joel Meyerowitz / Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery  
Brad Wheeler of The Globe and Mail selects Joel Meyerowitz "Survey" exhibition as one of the "hottest tickets in town" next week.

"Here’s the thing about the great American street photographer Joel Meyerowitz: He doesn’t think of his photos as works of art. “I see them as a fraction of a second in which my understanding and the worlds offering are unified in some way,” he once said. “That allows us to have some sort of open experience to share with whoever happens to look at the photo.” At Stephen Bulger Gallery, an exhibition covers his early work in black and white (frolicking lake people in the Catskills in 1970), along with his pioneering work in colour (a typical Cape Cod lifeguard station, 1976). May 7 to June 18. Free. 1026 Queen St. W., 416-504-0575 or" - Brad Wheeler, May 2016

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