Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gallery Artist's Clive Holden and Sarah Anne Johnson Featured in Blog TOs "15 Must-See Photography Shows at Contact 2016"

Caveman Light, 2015 © Sarah Anne Johnson / Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, Julie Saul Gallery, New York, Division Gallery, Montreal
"The Contact Photography Festival in Toronto is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. For two decades, it has been showcasing local and internationally based artists at venues across the city. From gallery walls to unconventional outdoor installations, Contact brings us some of the best photographic work from around the world."

Sarah Anne Johnson: Field Trip
(McMichael, March 5-June 5)
Sarah Anne Johnson's solo show at the McMichael opened in March, but it's on through Contact as well. In it, she takes viewers to modern day music festivals and explores what they mean to youth.  

Clive Holden: Internet Mountains
(Gardiner Museum, May 1-31)
See how Canadian artist Clive Holden's contemporary photographic work intersects with ancient clay pieces from the Gardiner Museum's collection. This exhibition is on until the end of May. 

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