Friday, April 29, 2016

Clive Holden's "Internet Mountains" Exhibition at Gardiner Museum Selected by Now Toronto as a Best Art Show to See This Week

INTERNET MOUNTAINS 18, 2014 © Clive Holden / 
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Fran Schechter of Now Toronto selects gallery artist Clive Holden's "Internet Mountains" exhibition as "some of the best art shows you can check out this week". 

Clive Holden. Internet Mountains
The ephemeral image and the timelessness of clay

Dates:  May 1st - May 31st
Location: Gardiner Museum
111 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C7

The dichotomy between the tangible and the digital is central to the 21st-century experience. A digital image which we perceive as “mountain” has in fact been dissolved into math and reconstituted into an ephemeral representation that no longer carries even the mass of photographic paper.
The digital surrounds us in a landscape composed of dynamic imagery, data-based art, and the perpetual re-invention of forms. Yet we continue to live on terra firma, our lives being tied to the physical world. We walk up actual mountains. We eat and drink from objects made of clay, a tangible medium originating from the landscape.
In this exhibition, Clive Holden juxtaposes his digital videos and prints with historical objects selected from the Gardiner Museum’s collection. The plates relate to the Internet Mountains project through a repetition of circular forms and mountain imagery. But more profoundly, they share in a creation process where landscape is dissolved and reconstituted into art.  

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