Saturday, April 30, 2016

Toronto Life Selects Our Upcoming Joel Meyerowitz Exhibtion as a CONTACT Must-See Show, Opens May 7 Until June 18

Ballston Beach, Truro, Massachusetts, 1977 © Joel Meyerowitz /
Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery

"In the mid-1960s, Joel Meyerowitz became one of the first artists to shoot with colour film. One of his most famous series is a collection of shimmering idylls on Cape Cod, many of which look straight out of Gidget. May 7 to June 18, Stephen Bulger Gallery." Emily Landau, April 30, 2016

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Reminder! Free Saturday Screening at CAMERA Today

Saturday April 30th, 3:00pm


Dir. Sarah Polley (Canada: 2012), 108 min.

Director Sarah Polley is both a filmmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets kept by a family and storytellers. Sarah Polley plays with the documentary format to explore the nature of memory and storytelling, crafting a thoughtful, compelling narrative that unfolds like a mystery.


All foreign language films will be shown with subtitles. We proudly offer captioning of all films at special request on Saturdays at 12:00pm if given notice 48 hours in advance of the regular screening.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Clive Holden's "Internet Mountains" Exhibition at Gardiner Museum Selected by Now Toronto as a Best Art Show to See This Week

INTERNET MOUNTAINS 18, 2014 © Clive Holden / 
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Fran Schechter of Now Toronto selects gallery artist Clive Holden's "Internet Mountains" exhibition as "some of the best art shows you can check out this week". 

Clive Holden. Internet Mountains
The ephemeral image and the timelessness of clay

Dates:  May 1st - May 31st
Location: Gardiner Museum
111 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C7

The dichotomy between the tangible and the digital is central to the 21st-century experience. A digital image which we perceive as “mountain” has in fact been dissolved into math and reconstituted into an ephemeral representation that no longer carries even the mass of photographic paper.
The digital surrounds us in a landscape composed of dynamic imagery, data-based art, and the perpetual re-invention of forms. Yet we continue to live on terra firma, our lives being tied to the physical world. We walk up actual mountains. We eat and drink from objects made of clay, a tangible medium originating from the landscape.
In this exhibition, Clive Holden juxtaposes his digital videos and prints with historical objects selected from the Gardiner Museum’s collection. The plates relate to the Internet Mountains project through a repetition of circular forms and mountain imagery. But more profoundly, they share in a creation process where landscape is dissolved and reconstituted into art.  

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Reminder! Bertrand Carrière Book Launch at the Gallery Tomorrow - Saturday April 30th, 2 - 5pm

Athens, Greece, 2012 © Bertrand Carrière /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Bertrand Carrière: Le Capteur
Date: Saturday April 30th
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Location: Stephen Bulger Gallery
1026 Queen Street West, Toronto ON, M6J 1H6

For years now, Bertrand Carrière has been working on a photographic journal, in parallel to his documentary projects. Le Capteur was first conceived out of 42 artists books he produced during this 10 year process. These books enable him to explore the many aspects of his work and are the meeting place where images collide and relate. In a distillation process, the journal looses here its chronological aspects and the usual thematic structure to become a new book, where images meet in improbable ways.

With this new project, Carrière continues his search for the small, marginal moments, details that mark his way, his family life, his travels, be they dark or luminous. Using motifs and recurring signs, he slowly builds an inner territory, a personal atlas, where the strange and the ordinary meet.

Carrière also gives us notes from his diary, a series of lists, that act as counterpoints to the photographs. Conceived in the flow of the everyday, these poetic texts allow the construction of a constellation of mental images which, by accumulation, become written contact sheets, accompanying the remarkable intensity of his photographs.

The gallery is also showing photographs from this body of work.

Books are also available online:

 $ 55.00
Édition of 300 copies
142 Photographs
ISBN :978-2-9813427-6-8
8 1/4 x 9 1/2 inch
200 pages

Bertrand Carrière's artist page:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gallery Artist's Clive Holden and Sarah Anne Johnson Featured in Blog TOs "15 Must-See Photography Shows at Contact 2016"

Caveman Light, 2015 © Sarah Anne Johnson / Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, Julie Saul Gallery, New York, Division Gallery, Montreal
"The Contact Photography Festival in Toronto is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. For two decades, it has been showcasing local and internationally based artists at venues across the city. From gallery walls to unconventional outdoor installations, Contact brings us some of the best photographic work from around the world."

Sarah Anne Johnson: Field Trip
(McMichael, March 5-June 5)
Sarah Anne Johnson's solo show at the McMichael opened in March, but it's on through Contact as well. In it, she takes viewers to modern day music festivals and explores what they mean to youth.  

Clive Holden: Internet Mountains
(Gardiner Museum, May 1-31)
See how Canadian artist Clive Holden's contemporary photographic work intersects with ancient clay pieces from the Gardiner Museum's collection. This exhibition is on until the end of May. 

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Reminder! George Zimbel's Documentary "Zimbelism" Premiers at Hot Docs Tomorrow - Friday April 29th 9:00pm

Marilyn Monroe, "The Seven Year Itch", NYC, 1954 © George S. Zimbel /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery


Friday April 29 - 9:00pm - Tiff Bell Lightbox 2
Saturday April 30 - 1:00pm - Isabel Bader Theater
Friday May 6 - 4:00pm - Revue Cinema

"With subjects ranging from children to farmers to celebrities, George Zimbel established himself as one of the original 20th-century street photographers. Now in his 80s, George spends a lot of time thinking and talking about the alarming shift to what he labels the age of "digital diarrhea." His is an art that relies on rich black-and-white 35mm film stock, and the documentary shares an abundance of his splendid images. While the film lets us hear in Zimbel's own words about his career, it skilfully punctuates the narrative with an exchange of letters between Zimbel and the New York Times debating the rightful copyright of one of his JFK photos. Zimbelism is as much an admiring portrait of a man and his art as it is an elegy to the days of sympathetic documentary photography, long before the debates about privacy laws, copyright and digital reproduction complicated the matter." - Aisha Jamal

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gallery Artist Ruth Kaplan's "Bathers" Series Reviewed in the New York Times Lens Blog

Lukacs Baths. Budapest, 1994 © Ruth Kaplan /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Rena Silverman of The New York Times Lens Blog takes a look at Ruth Kaplan's "Bathers" series.

"If bathhouses date back to the Romans, the history of nudes in art goes back even further, to the Venus of Willendorf of the Paleolithic era. In “Bathers,” a 12-year homage to both themes, the Canadian photographer Ruth Kaplan traveled the globe to find and photograph bathhouses and, more important, the bodies that give them life" - Rena Silverman, April 2016 

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Blog TO Features Gallery Artist Clive Holden's "Internet Mountains" Series on at the Gardiner Museum for Scotiabank's CONTACT Photography Festival

INTERNET MOUNTAINS 28, 2014 © Clive Holden /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

"The Gardiner Museum celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival with a unique Featured Exhibition by Toronto-based new media artist Clive Holden, on display in the lobby from May 1 to 31. Internet Mountains pairs Holden’s videos and digital paintings with historical objects from the Gardiner Collection, juxtaposing the tangible and the digital.

Internet Mountains was organized with the support of Stephen Bulger, co-founder of the CONTACT Festival and one of Canada’s foremost experts on photography."

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