Thursday, February 11, 2016

Alex Webb's "Crossings: Photographs from the U.S.-Mexico Border" Series Featured in British Journal of Photography

San Ysidro California, 1979 © Alex Webb / Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Gallery artist Alex Webb's series "Crossings: Photographs from the U.S.-Mexico Border" was recently featured in the British Journal of Photography in an article written by Guy Bolton. Alex has been photographing this series for over thirty years and it was recently used as inspiration by cinematographer Roger Deakins in Denis Villeneuve's dark thriller "Sicario: (2015).

In interviews, Deakins has praised Webb’s use of colour and complex framing, while director Villeneuve has said: "We were inspired by the work of Alex Webb, a photographer Roger likes for his composition and use of shadows, silhouettes, and colors”.- Guy Bolton

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