Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gallery Artist Dona Schwartz's Series "On The Nest" Featured in The Guardian

Leola, 3 Months, 2012 © Dona Schwartz /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Tim Dowling of The Guardian features photographs of expecting parents and empty nesters from Dona Schwartz's series "On The Nest". The article includes quotes from parents about the anticipations of starting a family, or experiencing an empty house once all children have left, paired with their portraits in either empty nurseries or empty bedrooms. 

"This series of photographs captures parenting at either end, including all the trappings of both states. Expectant parents pose alongside equipment they do not yet know how to operate. Some of it they will never need. Empty-nesters are caught in the blasted nests left behind by departing offspring, surrounded by the shiny detritus of adolescence. Either that, or they’re posing in a newly feathered workout room. This latter group looks, if anything, even more bewildered. Nobody really tells you about that bit." - Tim Dowling, January 2016

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