Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dona Schwartz Interviewed in Canadian Art About Current Exhibition "One The Nest"

Desiree and Karen, 68 Days, 2006 © Dona Schwartz / courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Leah Sandals of Canadian Art interviews gallery artist Dona Schwartz's about "On The Nest" exhibition and recent publication.

"Snaps of carefully lit pregnant bellies and picture-perfect nurseries abound on Instagram and Facebook—but how much do they really reflect the huge, messy life transition that’s to come for parents-to-be? Similarly, why is it we rarely see social-media pics of empty adolescent bedrooms that bookend parenthood in the empty-nest stage?

These are just some of the questions raised in Calgary photographer Dona Schwartz's new book On The Nest, which frames on expectant and empty-nest parents posing in their children’s rooms. With a related exhibition opening January 23 at Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto, Schwartz tells us more about the inspiration for the project, the focus on moms in her past work, and the ways she managed to continue making art as a parent herself." - Leah Sandals, January 2016

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Dona Schwartz "On The Nest" exhibition page:

On The Nest

Exhibition Dates: January 23 – February 27
Reception for the Artist: Saturday, January 23, 2-5pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, January 23, 1pm, RSVP as seating is limited

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