Saturday, November 7, 2015

Reminder of Upcoming "From Darkroom to Daylight" Screening and Book Signing at the Gallery from PHSC

The Photographic Historical Society of Canada shares a reminder about our upcoming screening and book signing for Harvey Wang's film From Darkroom to Daylight featuring an interview with gallery artist Alison Rossiter on Saturday November 21st, 3:00pm.

“The project explores how the dramatic shift from film to digital has affected photographers and their work. I interviewed more than 40 important photographers and prominent figures in the field, including Jerome Liebling, George Tice, Taryn Simon, Charles Harbutt, David Goldblatt, Sally Mann, and Eugene Richards, as well as innovators Steven Sasson, who built the first digital camera while at Kodak, and Thomas Knoll, who along with his brother created Photoshop”. - Harvey Wang

November 21, 3:00pm

Dir. Harvey Wang (USA: 2014), 63 min.

The Photographic Historical Society of Canada post:

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