Thursday, November 26, 2015

Interview with Gallery Artist Vid Ingelevics on Berlin Wall Project in University Affairs

"After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, a new, lesser-known chapter in its history began. Many large slabs, not to mention plenty of rubble-turned-souvenirs, began to circulate around the world, landing in various places—everywhere from dresser drawers and presidential libraries to museums, hotel lobbies, eBay and even a vacant lot in downtown Truro, Nova Scotia.

More than 25 years on, two Ryerson University professors in the School of Image Arts, Blake Fitzpatrick and Vid Ingelevics, are trying to track down and document the movement of the wall, in photographs and video, from Berlin to North America. “We refer to it as tracing a mobile ruin,” says Dr. Fitzpatrick, “We are interested in the backstory of how these objects actually get to where they are, and why." - Shawna Wagman

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