Friday, November 6, 2015

Gallery Artist and Book Publisher Michael Torosian Speaks to Shawn Micallef of the Toronto Star About Lumiere Press

"In a workshop on the near-west side of Toronto, Michael Torosian publishes exquisitely made books on photography that have made their way into collections across the globe. Lumiere Press, operating for over thirty years, makes books the slow way.

Lumiere has two book presses from the early 20th century that squeeze together and hold still stacks of books once the “guts” or pages are glued to the cover. The screwlike vice is perhaps the most steampunk of all the items in the shop, and testament to how slow and manual the process is. One book will take up to a year and half to produce, and Torosian, also an accomplished photographer and photography historian himself, will often also write an accompanying essay for the books. Torosian has been able to do something many dream of: find creative independence doing something they love." - Shawn Micallef, Living Columnist

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