Thursday, October 15, 2015

Joseph Hartman's "Artist Studios" Exhibition Reviewed in ARTORONTO.CA

Shelley Adler, 2013 © Joseph Hartman /
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Catherine MacArthur Falls reviews our current exhibition, Joseph Hartman's Artist Studios in a recent article in ARTORONTO.CA
"The resulting photographs—sparkling with visual multeity—reflect the eclecticism of their owners, allowing viewers a glimpse into studios that range from sparse and meticulous (William Fisk, for example) to frenziedly cluttered (John Scott and Douglas Walker, for instance). One can expect to see industrial lofts stacked with oversized canvases and paint-splattered surfaces, as well as perhaps less anticipated minimalist, meditative spaces and homey, even quaint, furnishings. The effect of these images on the viewer is powerfully seductive."  
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Artist Studio's is on at the gallery until Saturday October 17th. We will be showing a piece at this years Feature Contemporary Art Fair October 22-25th, 2015.
Joseph Hartman's artist page: 

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