Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New York Art Critic Richard B. Woodward Reviews Dave Heath's Current Exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

 Jennine Pommy Vega, 7 Arts Coffee Gallery, New York City, 1959 © Dave Heath / 
courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto and Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

"For anyone with a memory of those decades, Mr. Heath’s work functions like a time machine, sending you back to an era when photographers, folk singers, poets, novelists and filmmakers believed they could directly translate the pain and confusion of what was then portentously labeled the “Human Condition.”"

The exhibition is nonetheless the place to behold the luxurious quality of the prints. Once upon a time photographers believed they could express everything about the world in the sliding tones of the gray scale. Mr. Heath was one who wrote a symphony in black-and-white."

To read the complete review, please visit here:  www.wsj.com

For more infromation on the exhibition, please visit here: www.philamuseum.org

Dave Heath's artist page: www.bulgergallery.com

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