Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Book Review for Scott Conarroe's By Rail and By Sea

Gallery artist Scott Conarroe's publication, By Rail and By Sea, captures the railways and coasts of North America as they shift with the social landscape. It has been recently reviewed by Mary Goodwin of Photo Eye, Santa Fe. 

"In America, trains hold a very special place in the national psychology. For vast swaths and generations of the population, trains and train travel are mythological, romantic concepts rather than facts of everyday life. Here is that myth: Trains, pushing ever out and westward, carried the goods that made America into an economic powerhouse; trains transported people from moribund cities on one coast to space and fresh air on another; trains are freedom and adventure and also danger, the only vehicle that could have brought America up to the edge of its Manifest Destiny."

Read the full review here.

Scott Conarroe Artist Page:


Marlene Detierro said...
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Marlene Detierro said...

Nice collection of photographs capturing the deadpan geographic beauty of vast stretches of Canada and North America.

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