Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gallery Artist Alison Rossiter in Group Exhibition "Light, Paper Process: Reinventing" at The Getty, Los Angeles

Fuji Gaslight, exact expiration date unknown, ca. 1920’s, processed 2009 (#1) © Alison Rossiter / Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

Final days to see "Light, Paper Process: Reinventing" at The Getty, Los Angeles featuring work by gallery artist Alison Rossiter.

"From its beginnings in experimentation by mid-19th century scientists and gentlemen of leisure, photography has been shaped by the desire to understand and explore the medium’s essential materials. Taking that spirit of invention and discovery as its point of departure, this exhibition features the work of seven artists—Matthew Brandt, Marco Breuer, John Chiara, Chris McCaw, Lisa Oppenheim, Alison Rossiter, and James Welling—who focus their investigations on the light sensitivity and chemical processing of photographic papers, challenging us to see the medium anew."

Light, Paper Process: Reinventing
April 14–September 6, 2015, Getty Center

1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1679

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