Thursday, July 23, 2015

Max Ex Winner Camille Rojas to Exhibit at CAMERA

Camille Rojas
Simulacra & Muse 

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday July 28th - Saturday, August 1st
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am to 6pm
Reception for the Artist: Friday July 31st 7-9pm 
Location: CAMERA, 1026 Queen Street West (enter through Stephen Bulger Gallery)  

Kitchen, 2015 © Camille Rojas

The real birth of this project started as an accident in the late 2000s. During that time, at the beginning of our friendship, Nathan and I were frequently asked if we were brother and sister. Initially we declined but after many outings together we noticed a pattern of speculation form, saw the potential for play, and finally ‘became’ fraternal twins. These performances consisted of precise body language (after it was noted to us that our movements and gestures, though unplanned, complimented each other’s) and the creation of spontaneous psuedo-histories of us. The project was finally manifested in photographic form in February of this year.

This series of photographs is based on Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation as well as the centuries’ old tradition of the artist’s muse. It addresses the power of performance and truthfulness both in a lens-based environment and beyond the image.

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