Thursday, July 23, 2015

Larry Towell's Interview with Vice - You Will Change: Magnum Photographer Larry Towell Has Advice for Young Photojournalists

  World Trade Center New York City, September 11th 2001 © Larry Towell / 
Courtesy of Magnum Photos

Gallery artist and Magnum Photographer Larry Towell has advice for Young Photojournalists in this Vice article by Aaron Vincent Elkaim.

"To a young Canadian photojournalist like myself, Larry Towell has always been sort of a legend. He was the first Canadian member of the prestigious Magnum Photos, an agency that rings through the halls of history. His work is about land, landlessness, and identity and he has covered stories of injustice and displacement around the world, from El Salvador to Palestine and beyond, often spending years developing his projects."

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