Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Great Article About Robert Frank From The New York Times Magazine

Isn't It Wonderful Just To Be Alive, 1971 © Robert Frank /
courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery
We recommend reading the July 2nd, 2015, New York Times Magazine article "The Man Who Saw America" by Nicholas Dowidoff. A thorough read offering a great overview of the life of the preeminent living photographer Robert Frank.

"Frank has always been a picture-maker unconcerned with his own appearance, and sitting quietly beside the streetcar window, he wore the usual faded work shirt, frayed pants and one too many mornings of stubble. A sturdy man who never uses socks, a winter hat or gloves, Frank is now 90, and in the cool Swiss air, he had on a new blue down coat. His melancholy eyes rarely betray anything, but as he gazed out at the city of his youth, there was the sense of a man wary, defended, skeptical, yet willing to be engaged. In his pocket he carried an Olympus camera."

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