Friday, May 22, 2015

William Eakin's Colville Coins at National Gallery of Canada

In conjuction with the Alex Colville, A Canadian Idol exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada, gallery artist William Eakin will be showing his Colville Coins series until  September 7th, 2015.

Colville Lynx 5971 (quarter), 2013 © William Eakin

"For this series, Winnipeg artist William Eakin has created monumental photographs of Canadian coins designed by Alex Colville. The coins were commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint to mark the country’s centenary in 1967. Colville liked the idea of his art being a part of everyday life in Canada: the penny (dove) and the dime (mackerel) were at one time very common, yet very few Canadians knew they were carrying Colvilles around in their pockets. For this project Eakin gathered together a full set by painstakingly searching through bags in coin dealers’ back rooms. His photographs of these worn and weathered pieces of currency remind us that these Colville coins were once in wide circulation." - National Gallery of Canada

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