Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sarah Anne Johnson's Wonderland Reviewed

"The roots of 'Wonderland' coming to CAM go back nearly a decade, when curator Steve Matijcio first met Johnson in Winnipeg and debuted 'The Galapagos Project' there. They’ve kept in touch since, and CAM entered the mix as a potential site for a career retrospective when Matijcio was working at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem.

Matijcio has since moved to the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, but CAM remained the venue for 'Wonderland.' Johnson was involved in its presentation to an unusual degree for an artist, spending more than three weeks in Raleigh working on the set-up.

'It was not a conventional process,' Matijcio said. 'Sarah has a very particular, pronounced vision. So she built a maquette of the entire space, cut photos down to size and worked with a scale model.' " - David Menconi for The News & Observer

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