Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ryerson Image Centre Symposium: Photography Historians

Symposium Program Description

The fourth annual Ryerson Image Centre symposium on photography, this year entitled “Photography Historians: A New Generation?”  highlights the most current research in the history of photography, bringing emerging scholars from universities worldwide to speak about their bodies of inquiry, their methods and their findings. This rising group of young photo-historians will engage in dialogue with renowned scholars, revealing how contemporary historical inquiry sits within—and departs from—established traditions. The hope is that participants, and the audience, may better understand how we came to surpass notions of the “history of photography,” moving beyond even diverse “histories of photography,” to arrive at our present sense that there are many histories of photographs.

The conference will take place over two and a half days and will be divided into fours sections to highlight thematic similarities and shared concerns: “The Role of Photographic Reproductions,” “The Business of Photography,” “The Construction of Photographic Meanings” and “Art Photography in the Making.” 

Dates: March 28-28, 2015
Location: School of Image Arts, Ryerson University, 122 Bond Street, Toronto, IMA-307
Registration: Admission to the event is free. Seating is limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visit the Ryerson website for more information. 

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