Thursday, February 12, 2015

Indy Week Reviews Sarah Anne Johnson's Wonderland Exhibition

"Photographs of people in natural landscapes hang alongside photos of clay figurines in imagined scenes. Pristine-looking Arctic panoramas are over-painted with black clouds of fireworks that shimmer like oil spills. Background patterns leak into foregrounds, manifesting buried traumas. The through-line is how Johnson insists on rendering the hidden on the surface—the faultlines that portraiture, nature photography and photo albums can conceal.

Johnson, a Winnipeg native with a master's in photography from Yale, is still in her 30s. This mid-career retrospective does not suggest that guest curator Steven Matijcio expects her career to be short, but rather, that she has produced a robust, organic body of work in an unusually short time. Eight series fill the upper and lower galleries at CAM, including masses of small photos, large chromogenic prints altered with paint, ink and other interventions, and dioramic dollhouses—plus, one impressively huge installation." - Brian Howe for Indy Week

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