Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vid Ingelevics Berlin Wall Project Screening at Camera

Please join us this Saturday, November 8th at 3:00pm and 4:30pm for gallery artist Vid Ingelevics' screenings of his Berlin Wall project, Freedom Rocks, in collaboration with Blake Fitzpatrick.

WENDERS' WALL (15 min.)
THE POST WALL (10 min.)

Freedom Rocks: the Everyday Life of the Wall is a collaborative project by Canadian artists and Ryerson University professors Vid Ingelevics and Blake Fitzpatrick (www.freedomrocks.ca). The project examines the post-1989 movement of the Berlin Wall, including both large and small fragments, from Berlin to North America as well as within Berlin itself. Charting the Wall as a mobile ruin has revealed an object with shifting symbolic power and value. No longer activated by Cold War associations of fear and dread, the everyday life of the Berlin Wall is depicted in a post-Cold War context that challenges assumptions that the Wall’s history ended when the Cold War did.

The three video works are linked thematically and show aspects of the post-1989 Wall. ‘Wenders’ Wall’ juxtaposes past and present. The iconic Wall is displaced literally and figuratively from the pre-fall moments depicted in Wenders’ evocative 1987 film, Wings of Desire, to contemporary locations in Berlin and North America. For example, in paired scenes, Wenders’ Potsdamerplatz, circa 1987 is contrasted with contemporary footage of a burgeoning commercial center where the darker legacies of a divided city are replaced by images of tourists posing with Berlin Wall remnants. ‘The Post Wall’ brings us to contemporary Los Angeles and a story about the tribulations of transporting a 6,000 lb. Berlin Wall segment through the winding streets of the Hollywood Hills to the home of Jason and Gara Post. ‘Holding the Wall’ documents stories told by residents of Southern California about how they came to own fragments of the Berlin Wall, where they keep them and what these displaced pieces mean to them now.

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