Wednesday, October 15, 2014

AIPAD Review of Duane Michals Exhibition

Willem de Kooning, 1985 © Duane Michals. 
Courtesy of DC Moore Gallery, New York and Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto

"Michals is known for challenging the photographic media, its construction, means, and nature.  The images on view with Bulger belong to two main groups: portraits or actions accompanied by text, some in sequence, and found-images embellished with oil paint.  Both veins of work let interior qualities out and encourage us to wonder on deeper levels about the image that confronts us.  Many of the text-accompanied images are of famous artists.  We find the subjects at home or in the studio; in either case they are in their element, and we are allowed an intimate view of a perhaps otherwise untouchable art-history icon.  The works are humanizing and honest.  They can be almost uncomfortably revealing; its as if we are able through Michals' frames to enter the subject's soul.  In an image of Willem de Kooning (1985)  we find the artist before his canvas, contemplating his next stroke.  We are positioned watchfully over his shoulder, and can feel the tension and pressure of the creative process at work." - Association of International Photography Art Dealers

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