Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Book Review for Alex Webb's Memory City

Gallery artist Alex Webb published the book Memory City, a series documenting Rochester and it's role in photography's history. Follow the link to read the review by the Photo-Eye Blog.

"Photography is as intertwined with memory as it is with light, shadow and surface. The individual film or sensor choice made by the photographer determines how memory is rendered, a choice that is as important as what the photographer puts in front of their camera. In their new book, Memory City, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb investigate Rochester, New York during the time Eastman Kodak was in bankruptcy. They explore how memory, photography, film and the book making process come together to make a statement about a place during a particular time." - Reviewed by Tom Leininger

Read the full review here: http://blog.photoeye.com

Alex Webb Artist Page: www.bulgergallery.com

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