Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gallery Artist Jim Goldberg in New York Times and Marketplace World

Throughout his career, Jim Goldberg has consistently undertaken long term and in-depth collaborations. The New York Times highlights Goldberg's career success, while Marketplace looks at his work "Rich and Poor" focused on economic classes of San Fransisco.

"In a sense, it is what Mr. Goldberg has been doing over a career of almost 40 years, during which he has become revered among fellow photographers, if still not widely known by the museumgoing public. His books have become highly influential almost in their absence, many out of print and difficult to find. But a new edition being published this summer of “Rich and Poor,” a searing 1985 chronicle of lives on both sides of the economic divide in San Francisco, is likely to bring his work the kind of attention that many in the art world feel it has long deserved." - Randy Kennedy of the New York Times

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