Friday, June 27, 2014

Gallery Artist Sarah Anne Johnson in UK Exhibition

"For the first time in its five year existence, studio1.1′s annual Lottery has been won not by a single artist able to present a solo show, but by writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent.

‘The found and the collaged are dominant modern modes: what artists choose to use, and how and why they present or combine them, count for more than their ability with traditional techniques. One could also say that life in most of the world is less about individual survival than it would have been in pre-modern eras, more about how we live together and whether we can survive that. The Combinational looks at how six artists combine materials in sculpture, video, painting, photography and mergers thereof, to reflect on how we live together . Moreover, the show is itself a combination of Canadians – Sarah Anne Johnson and Wil Murray – and Britons – Sue Collis, Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom , Suzanne Moxhay and Catherine Herbert.’" - Studio 1.1

Exhibition Dates: July 4th-27th, 2014
Location: Studio 1.1 London

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