Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gallery Artist Elaine Stocki in The New Yorker

Please join Elaine Stocki in wrapping up her exhibition at Thomas Erben Gallery in New York.

"The Canadian photographer makes her New York solo d├ębut with big, unframed black-and-white pictures, crudely hand-tinted and curling off the wall, that look like period artifacts. Portraits of men carousing or posing awkwardly might have come from an old boxing gym or a theatrical agent’s office. Other images—of a leering geezer framed by palm trees, three female nudes struggling with a large painting, hands exchanging a slice of bologna over a collage of lunch meat—are comically hallucinatory. Through June 28." - The New Yorker

For more information: www.newyorker.com

Elaine Stocki Artist Page: www.bulgergallery.com

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