Thursday, March 27, 2014

Changes at the Gallery

Almost ten years ago the gallery had one of those interns that you hope for. Natalie Spagnol came to us through York University and immediately made an indelible impression - she was nice, smart, hardworking and fun to work with.

Soon a job posting came available and we were delighted that she considered joining us full-time. Being somewhat selfish, I had been thinking that I needed my own assistant and so I re-wrote the gallery's various job descriptions in order to make sure I grabbed Natalie for myself.

To say that Natalie has served the gallery with distinction would be an understatement. Natalie's devotion to her roles at the gallery saw her move from assistant, to manager, and finally to Director of Operations. Under her leadership the gallery was able to keep ahead of the hectic pace we work in and her abilities ensured that we could manage the growth we were experiencing.

As the gallery's longest standing employee it is hard for me to imagine the gallery without her, but I knew a small operation such as ours could only keep her for so long. Looking at her future, she felt it was time to move into another industry entirely and has accepted an interesting job at CIBC. I am quite sad to see her moving on, but I am excited for her future, which is a bright one.

Over the past weeks we have been preparing for her departure and have taken Natalie's advice in hiring Allison Hitchcock to serve as Gallery Manager. Allison has been working closely with Natalie for the past couple of years, with a gap while she explored Australia, and has been Natalie's favourite assistant. This allows us a smooth transition that enables me to reward great work.

I know everyone joins me in thanking Natalie, whose memory we will hold warmly in our hearts.

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