Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Interview of Gallery Artist Larry Towell on The Tyee

"Why Veteran Canadian Photojournalist Larry Towell Won't Ever Stop"

"He rarely touches Twitter or Facebook, doesn't own a cell phone and shoots mostly on film. And yet, midway through his seventh decade, Larry Towell remains one of the best and busiest photojournalists in the world. Towell, the first Canadian member of the world's most prestigious photo agency, Magnum Photos, recently took the time to tell J-Source photojournalism editor Mark Taylor how he got started, what he's working on now, and why he'll never stop..." - Mark Taylor, The Tyee

To read full interview: www.thetyee.ca/Mediacheck/2014/02/13/Larry-Towell-Photojournalist/

Larry Towell Artist Page: www.bulgergallery.com/dynamic/fr_artist.asp?ArtistID=15

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