Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Jan 18, 3:00 PM – Double Feature

Dir. Albert Kish (Canada: 1989), 29 mins.

This documentary short is a portrait of Canadian photographer William Notman. Photography was still in its infancy when he opened his first studio in Montreal in the late 1850s. He rapidly turned his art, and a budding technology, into a highly successful business. Within 5 years he was appointed Photographer to the Queen. Not content with doing mere portraiture, he saw photography as a means of documenting history. With the use of props in his studio, composite photographs, and calling on his background as a trained artist, Notman immortalized the people and places of Canada.

Dir. Emile Ardolino (USA: 1987), 100 mins.

This classic coming of age romantic film is about 17 year old Frances “Baby” who is on summer vacation with her affluent family at a resort in New York.  While at the resort Baby develops a crush on the dance teacher, Johnny.  Baby’s parents do not approve of her hanging out with Johnny but that will not stop her from practicing dancing together.

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