Thursday, September 19, 2013


The gallery is pleased to invite you to a unique two hour performance and CD launch that celebrates photography, music and story telling.

A Performance by
Accompanied by

Date: Saturday, October 5th

Time: 7pm; Doors open at 6pm

Location: The Drake Underground, 1150 Queen Street West, Toronto

Tickets: $20 or $35 for a ticket and CD(CD sold separately for $20) Tickets can be purchased at the door (cash only) or in advance at: Stephen Bulger Gallery, 1026 Queen Street West, Toronto; 416.504.0575,
Please note seating is limited and ticket availability at the door is not guaranteed

CD Release: Blood in the Soil includes a DVD containing Towell’s images interspersed with footage from a 2010 live performance with The Henrys at the Drake Hotel in Toronto: $20

Larry Towell © Brent Foster

Over the years, Larry Towell has worked as a freelance Magnum photographer in areas of conflict. His work has resulted in thirteen books, hundreds of journal publications and exhibitions around the world. He has documented war and the civilian victims of war in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Palestine, Rwanda and Afghanistan, as well as the anti-globalization movements, Hurricane Katrina and more recently, the Idle No More Movement in Canada. He has also documented the disenfranchisement of rural populations including the Mennonite migrant workers of Mexico and his own family in rural Ontario. His new book Afghanistan will be published by Aperture in 2014.

Towell is also a story teller, poet, and musician. Blood In The Soil is his new music CD packaged with a film shot at the Drake Hotel in Toronto in 2010 with The Henrys. His live performance incorporates visuals and the art of story telling. He will be accompanied by slide guitarist Don Rooke.

Don Rooke

Don is a composer who currently co-leads the Toronto-based modern roots band Three Metre Day (formerly The Henrys). He was recently nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his compositional work on the feature film Still Mine. He also played on the new Iggy and the Stooges CD, Ready to Die. Don will be accompanying Larry and improvising based on his interpretation of what appears on the screen.

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