Monday, September 30, 2013

Larry Towell Article on BLOUIN ARTINFO

"Photographer Larry Towell Plays Songs for Humanity"

"Larry Towell is best known as an award-winning Canadian photographer with a portfolio of images captured in conflict zones around the world, yet a September 12 performance of songs from his new album “Blood in the Soil,” also revealed a musician, a storyteller, and a poet..."- Robyn Fadden, BLOUIN ARTINFO

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Gallery Artist Dave Heath Exhibition at The Ottawa Art Gallery

Dave Heath: A Heritage of Meaning, An Introspective will be on display at the Ottawa Art Gallery from Sept. 20, 2013 to Jan. 24, 2014

"The exhibition engages a selection of his vintage work with his most recent: the motifs of one period interlaced with those of the other, while Dave Heath remains an exponent of our cultural voice."

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gallery Artist Sanaz Mazinani article in San Francisco Chronicle


"S.F. Bus Stop Art Takes Us Back In History"

"At one end of the bus shelter on Market Street is a Muni map that is impossible to decipher. At the other end of the bus shelter on Market Street is a poster that is more impossible to decipher than the Muni map.

Mesmerizing from afar and dizzying up close, the poster looks like a kaleidoscope or the pattern of a wedding ring quilt. But in the detail is a montage of black and white pictures from the Alcatraz occupation of the 1960s, offset by color pictures of the Occupy San Francisco movement of this decade..." - Sam Whiting

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Toronto Camera Club Celebrates 125 Years

On September 28th from 1pm to 4pm th Toronto Camera Club will be holding an Open House to mark 125 years of promoting the art of photography in Toronto.

Toronto Camera Club
587 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON

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Thursday, September 19, 2013


The gallery is pleased to invite you to a unique two hour performance and CD launch that celebrates photography, music and story telling.

A Performance by
Accompanied by

Date: Saturday, October 5th

Time: 7pm; Doors open at 6pm

Location: The Drake Underground, 1150 Queen Street West, Toronto

Tickets: $20 or $35 for a ticket and CD(CD sold separately for $20) Tickets can be purchased at the door (cash only) or in advance at: Stephen Bulger Gallery, 1026 Queen Street West, Toronto; 416.504.0575,
Please note seating is limited and ticket availability at the door is not guaranteed

CD Release: Blood in the Soil includes a DVD containing Towell’s images interspersed with footage from a 2010 live performance with The Henrys at the Drake Hotel in Toronto: $20

Larry Towell © Brent Foster

Over the years, Larry Towell has worked as a freelance Magnum photographer in areas of conflict. His work has resulted in thirteen books, hundreds of journal publications and exhibitions around the world. He has documented war and the civilian victims of war in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Palestine, Rwanda and Afghanistan, as well as the anti-globalization movements, Hurricane Katrina and more recently, the Idle No More Movement in Canada. He has also documented the disenfranchisement of rural populations including the Mennonite migrant workers of Mexico and his own family in rural Ontario. His new book Afghanistan will be published by Aperture in 2014.

Towell is also a story teller, poet, and musician. Blood In The Soil is his new music CD packaged with a film shot at the Drake Hotel in Toronto in 2010 with The Henrys. His live performance incorporates visuals and the art of story telling. He will be accompanied by slide guitarist Don Rooke.

Don Rooke

Don is a composer who currently co-leads the Toronto-based modern roots band Three Metre Day (formerly The Henrys). He was recently nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his compositional work on the feature film Still Mine. He also played on the new Iggy and the Stooges CD, Ready to Die. Don will be accompanying Larry and improvising based on his interpretation of what appears on the screen.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gallery Artist Vincenzo Pietropaolo in Living Toronto

Living Toronto is an online journal about Toronto and Urban Living.  Pietropaolo will be a regular contributor the the journal so be sure to check back regularly to see his articles.  The first issue is online right now. 

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lutz Dille exhibition at UTAC

 Toronto Orangemen Parade, 1964 © Lutz Dille

The exhibition Lutz Dille’s Toronto: Photographs of our Recent Past at the University of Toronto Art Centre will be on display from September 3rd to November 14th, 2013.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Next Exhibitions - William Eakin:24Hours and John Lucas:Tram Portraits - Opening September 21

The gallery is pleased to present its second solo exhibition of work by William Eakin, featuring his new series entitled, “24Hours” and our first solo exhibition by John Lucas entitled, “Tram Portraits” in Gallery Two.


Exhibition Dates: September 21 – October 19, 2013
Reception for the Artist: Saturday, September 21, 2-5 pm

When conceptualizing “24hours” Eakin was looking for insight into the idea of solar time through the medium of photography. Traditional photographs depict a moment of time with an implied before and after. His intent was to create an image/illusion in which he would be able to compress all time. The works in this series function as timeless icons; working with subjects stripped to the barest essentials, they present the opposites of circl

e/square, figure/ground, black/white and positive/negative. Watch faces that are photographed without clock hands confound one’s ability to “tell the time” and thereby permit one to contemplate a fuller sense of the idea of time.

24Hours 9257, 2012

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1952, Eakin is one of Canada’s most respected photographers. Eakin’s commitment to a career in photography has been uncompromising. He is regarded in Winnipeg, a city known for producing internationally acclaimed artists, as a mentor and a model of independence, influencing generations of young artists.
Eakin studied at the Vancouver School of Art from 1971-74, and then at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston from 1974-1975. Eakin has been the recipient of a number of awards, including the 1996 Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography, administered by the Canada Council. In 2009, he won the “Arts Award of Distinction”. This honour is bestowed annually by the Manitoba Arts Council upon the province’s most distinguished artist, and recognizes Eakin’s lengthy and significant contribution to the arts.

24Hours 5451, 2012

There is an extensive body of writing about Eakin’s work and he has exhibited throughout Canada, as well as, the United States, Australia, The Netherlands, Japan and Taiwan. He has had over 50 one-person shows, and throughout the course of his career, has participated in an equivalent number of group exhibitions.

24Hours 6942, 2012

Tram Portraits

Gallery Two
Exhibition Dates: September 21 - October 19
Reception for the Artist: Saturday, September 21, 2-5 pm

Made during his time in Riga, Latvia and Milan, Italy, “Tram Portraits” is a series of photographs that capture riders on public transit networks. Taken through the windows of streetcars, the images show passengers during their daily commute.

Untitled #5 Riga, 2011

During the 1970s, Lucas withdrew from a serious commitment to photography, finding it incompatible with the demands of a scientific career. In 1981, a journey to Russia inspired him to produce a series based on Polaroid and colour transparency film. However, it took until 2007 to bring this nascent project to life. Lucas’ Russian series was instrumental in shifting his interest towards a more painterly, formal, emotive, and sometimes abstract approach. Most importantly, it reenergized his lifelong interest in photography and became the catalyst for these tram portraits.

Untitled #1 Milan, 2011

In regards to this series, Lucas said:

My tram project began accidentally in 2009, with several cold and damp days in Riga. Faces behind glass, journeying – perhaps between work and home – and drifting in thought, half conscious of surroundings. In Milan, chosen for its extensive tram network, commuters were different, yet behind windows, they carried a similar sense of time suspended. Returning two years later to Riga and my strategic spot, I waited and watched to the echoes of nighttime trams clanking and grinding towards the Central Market.

Born in London, England in 1942, Lucas studied physics at the University of Bristol and the University of Sussex. He subsequently received a doctorate in materials science, and in 1970 left for Canada where he became a scientist and inventor for the telecommunications and resource industries. Lucas’ work has been seen in several solo and group exhibitions. His photography has taken him from factories in his home city of Montreal, to snooker halls in Asia.

Untitled #3 Milan, 2011

Note: The price lists will be made public on Saturday, September 21st, the day the exhibition opens.

FREE Saturday Afternoon Screenings at CAMERA
3:00 PM

September 21

Dir. Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske (USA: 1950), 74 min.

September 28
Dir. Fred Zinnemann (USA: 1952), 85 min.

October 5
Dir. Franklin J. Schaffner (USA: 1968), 112 min.

October 12
Dir. Richard Kelly (USA: 2001), 113 min.

October 19

Dir. Martin Scorsese (USA: 2011), 126 min.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Gallery Artist Benoit Aquin Solo Exhibition

The exhibition The Hunt will open this Saturday, September 7th and be on display until October 12th at the Galerie Hugues Charbonneau in Montreal.  The opening reception will be on Saturday, September 7th from 3pm-5pm.  This exhibition looks at Quebec hunters and their environment.

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