Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We appreciate the work of Luminous-Lint as a resource for understanding photography. In order to enhance their activities, they have launched this Kickstarter campaign!

Message from the creator

"The Story Begins With A Personal History…..
About 10 years ago, I decided to learn the History of Photography. I had always been interested in it, but never had the time to do so properly. I created Luminous-Lint to share the huge amount of material I’ve collected and created.
Many thousands of you have watched this project evolve over the past decade. I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of you personally, and look forward to meeting more of you who share my enthusiasm for the History of Photography. A great many collectors, curators, estates of photographers, gallery owners and dealers around the world receive the Newsletters, which are all online, and have shared material – both for the website and from it."

A Brief Overview of Luminous-Lint
  • Luminous-Lint currently has more than 10 million page views a year (yes, you read correctly: more than 10 million).
  • It is a free, vast and expanding non-commercial resource on all aspects of the History of Photography.
  • It already includes more than 1,000 Themes, 700 online exhibitions and 7,000 photographers.
  • It has been created with contributions from more than 2,300 institutions, galleries, dealers and individuals.
  • It includes many images that can be found nowhere else, as they come from private collections around the world.

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