Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gallery Artist Clive Holden's Interview in Akimbo's Art + Tech Blog

"Is it un-American to be un-famous? Is a lack of celebrity akin to being unpatriotic? Is being American all you need to ensure your fame? Are you a failure if you die without fame? Without embracing America? These are the questions multimedia artist Clive Holden asks in his latest work UNAMERICAN UNFAMOUS. Comprised of eight video screens forming a cinematic 32:9 aspect ratio, this marriage of old and new technology spans the Salah J.Bachir New Media Wall at the Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto."

James Folwer met up with Clive to discuss how he selected images from the Black Star Collection and what technology he used in this challenging new work.

James Folwer's Akimbo Art interview:

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