Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gallery Artist Ruth Orkin's Film "Little Fugitive" Celebrating 60th Anniversary at Film Forum

“Little Fugitive” is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2013! The film will begin with a one-week run at the Film Forum in NYC. Rich Andrusco, the star of the film will be attending opening night on February 1, 2013!  It will also be showing through out the US, at the following venues:
February 5th – Cinema Arts Center, Huntington, NY
February 16th – Los Angeles County Museum of Art
February 23, 25th, 28th – Charles Theater, Baltimore, MD
February 22 – 28 – Siskel Center, Chicago, IL
March 29, 30 – Cleveland Cinematieque
March 29 – April 4 – Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, Washington

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