Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gallery Artist Phil Bergerson Exhbiting at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

Phil Bergerson
American Shards
January 24 to April 14, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 24 at 7pm

The exhibition American Shards features a richly descriptive series of photographs by one of Canada’s leading documentary photographers. Phil Bergerson has for years photographed urban and rural America in critical view of the state of unrest found within that social landscape. The American Shards series is a poetic statement full of irony and pathos, critique and empathy. Bergerson’s work is in the tradition of social realism, as defined by Walker Evans’ American Photographs, Robert Frank’s The Americans, Nathan Lyons’ Notations in Passing, and Lee Friedlander's concept of the "social landscape," but Bergerson offers a unique Canadian perspective.

Of Bergerson's work, Peter Higdon (Ryerson Image Centre) says: “In a remarkable distillation of purpose and exploration, Phil Bergerson has brought an important new perspective to the arena of contemporary photography. He has done so in a spirit of clear-eyed and compassionate engagement.” The success of the series is in its exacting juxtapositions. The series, shot with a medium format camera and colour film, is as Bergerson states: “A personal view of America, an extended sequence constructed from fragmentary messages that encapsulate what I, as a Canadian, see and feel about America.” The photographs are, in their layered composition of literal and metaphorical signs, as complex as the culture from which they spring.

The American Shards exhibition, curated by Judith Nasby, also announces the acquisition of 18 photographs for the MSAC collection.

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