Wednesday, June 20, 2012


June 23, 3:00 PM – Double Feature


National Geographic Society (USA: 2004), 43 min.   National Geographic Ultimate Explorer host Lisa Ling examines the consequences of China's two-decades-old ''one-child policy,'' designed to curb the country's exploding population. Due to cultural, social, and economic factors, traditional preference leans toward boys, so girls are often hidden, aborted, or abandoned. As a result, tens of thousands of girls end up in orphanages across China. Today, more than one quarter of all babies adopted from abroad come from China—and nearly all are girls. Ling joins families as they travel to China to meet their new daughters for the first time. Along this emotional journey, she shares in the joy of these growing families and also witnesses firsthand China's gender gap, its roots, and its possible repercussions.


National Geographic Society (USA: 2007), 52 min.   In a remote Chinese desert, archaeologists have unearthed mummies that are thousands of years old, many with Indo-European features such as blond hair and blue eyes. Where did they come from? Dr. Spencer Wells, National Geographic explorer-in-residence and director of the National Geographic Genographic Project, goes on a mission to use advanced technology to decode the genetic identity of these unusually well-preserved mummies and open a unique window into the ancient migrations of mankind.

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