Friday, May 4, 2012

April 25 - A Night To Remember! 2nd Annual Robert Giard Foundation Fellowship Benefit.

The Board of Directors of The Robert Giard Foundation thanks its many supporters and friends who joined us on Wednesday, April 25th, at the home of our generous hosts, Joanna and Jonathan Cole, for the 2nd Annual Robert Giard Foundation Fellowship Benefit.

A hearty thanks to our guest of honor, actor Alan Cumming, who spoke of how he values the work the Giard Foundation supports:  visual art that testifies to the real experience of lives lived across the sexual spectrum.  And we were charmed to learn from him that some people still think LGBT is shorthand for a sandwich order!

 We hope you all got to see the preview of Giard Fellow Yoruba Richen’s film The New Black.  We are counting the days until the completion and broadcast of this important documentary in Spring 2013! Although this project has just been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, we are glad to note that the Giard Foundation got there first—and helped Yoruba proceed at a crucial early stage of development.

Thanks to your funds and moral support, we will be selecting next year’s Robert Giard Fellowship winner in a couple of weeks.  So there is yet more exciting news to come as we celebrate this 10th anniversary year of The Robert Giard Foundation!

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