Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gallery Artist George S. Zimbel's book reviewed in E-Photo newsletter

"Zimbel's genius is to distill the utterly private act of reading into a public iconography of the purely human (maybe whales and primates can communicate more than we know, but they cannot page through the Times, arrested by some small-print revelation). Indeed, there's something infinitely touching in Zimbel's modest recognitions, as when he photographs schoolchildren anxiously concentrating upon their textbooks, or a woman straining to read a book in low light. Readers all--avid or casual, obsessive or avoidant--we've been and are these people, and Zimbel's camera loves us as much as it once loved Marilyn."
-Matt Damsker, E-Photo Newsletter #190, March 24, 2012

In the latest edition of E-Photo Newsletter, Matt Damsker reviews George S. Zimbel's A Book of Readers: Photos, which includes texts from Dany Laferriere, Vicki Goldberg and Elaine Sernovitz Zimbel. Damsker notes Zimbel as "a force for more than a half-century, known most famously, perhaps, for his images of Marilyn Monroe with her dress billowing up around her as she stood astride a New York City ventilation shaft (promoting her film, "The Seven Year Itch")" yet emphasizes that Zimbel's "career far exceeds his celebrity photography, and this book reveals some of his very best work, the unique outgrowth of his penchant for capturing the unselfconscious absorption of people in the act of reading".

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