Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Robert Bourdeau Interview in National Post

June 12, 2011 - B12

Art from the ashes

"Ghosts haunt the work of photographer Robert Bourdeau. His spectral, black and white photographs of empty landscapes and abandoned industrial sites are absent of people, yet traces of them remain: The low, stone walls that criss-cross the fields in Yorkshire, England (1985). A small sculpture resting on a bamboo forest floor in Japan (2005). A pond full of chopped-down tree trunks, floating on the surface like corpses, in Ontario, Canada (1981). Bourdeau, who was mentored by famed U.S. photographer Minor White, has been shooting for five decades, yet his new book, The Station Point, is the first truly comprehensive survey of his work. He spoke to the Post's Mark Medley from his home in Ottawa.

Q Although you've been a photographer for five decades, you weren't a full-time photographer until 1985. What did you do before then?

A I was an architectural technologist.

Q Do you think you're still learning your craft?

A Craft? Well, I'm learning my vision more and more all the time. The craft just comes along with it. I think I have a good mastery of the craft itself, whether it's black and white or colour...." - National Post

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